What is TOYOTA?

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Isn’t it just a car you’ve heard of? There are really many cars besides the above. (Because there is no point in starting to list, only a part is listed.)

If you have a car, nobody knows it. Japan is the world’s largest car manufacturer. It has its headquarters in Aichi and is the name of the town.

It seems that the founder, Toyoda Family, become TOYOTA easy to say.(TOYODA→TOYOTA)

The head office is 1 Toyota Town, Toyota City, Aichi Japan * Originally, it was Koromo City! ?

Yes.The city name was changed.

It’s really amazing that the name of a city becomes the name of a company. Let’s take a look at what kind of company Toyota is like.



  • name :TOYOTA motor corporetion
  • when :1937
  • who :Kiitiro TOYODA
  • president:Akio TOYODA ※8/29/2020
  • home :Aichi/JAPAN
  • do :Automobile manufacture

Toyota Motor Corporation was founded in 1937 (Showa era 12). It is a long-established company! It’s been 83 years since our founding.

The source of Toyota Motor Corporation was a manufacturer of looms called Toyota Automated Loom. Did you know that? The founder of Toyoda Automatic Loom is Sakichi Toyoda. His son, Kiichiro Toyoda, founded Toyota Motor Corporation. It’s an entrepreneurial family.

Of course, non-founders are also presidents! Since the current president of Toyota Motor Corporation is from the founding family, some people may be mistaken, but five of the 11 presidents are non-founding presidents.

The current president, Akio Toyoda, is also a person who has become a president from a flat employee. There seems to be a time when a Toyota test driver was also doing, and he seems to have considerable skill.

Stock Information

Exchange:Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)
Ranking of stock valu (JPN):1st

Spot stock price:7056 yen
income rate:3.16%

主要株主:Akio TOYODA


Currently, domestic production is 4 million units, overseas production is 6 million units, and about half of domestic production is for overseas. About 80% is for overseas.

The reason why Toyota is so popular is its overwhelming driving performance and maintainability. For example, the popular Land Cruiser, which ran 200,000 km in Japan, has been exported to Africa and other countries and is continuing to ride it.

I myself was a Toyota Alphard, and I had a Toyota car, but it broke down! I have no memory at all. I think there were very few breakdowns.

What is TOYOTA GAZOO Racing?

As expected, there is only a car manufacturer and a motor sports team. That is TOYOTA GAZOO Racing. GAZOO comes from a used car sales site created by the current president, Akio Toyoda, during the section manager .

At present, the GAZOO Racing GR model is included in various automobile lineups.

  • 86 GR etc.

There are GR models for everything. Recently, a compact model called Yaris GR has come out.

TOYOTA’s Payment

What is the salary of Toyota, the world’s largest car maker?

According to the report, the average salary in 2017 was 8.32 million yen. As expected, it’s a global company, so it’s pretty expensive.


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